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Do you know that from the history, our ancestors used only herb and oil to beautify their skin, and hair? even to cure different diseases. Most of our ancestors came from animistic cultures, which believed that all things — including plants — hold a spirit.

Mother of nature has an unbelievable power, to soothe what many think is impossible to do. If we read the Bible in the book of Ester. We will found how the youngest women of that time were selected for the king to pick up the queen. But before them to be presented to the king, the young women had to go thought a process of staying in a house for a whole year beautifying themselves, with essential oils and herb.

Another example is the most beautiful woman of the Egyptian history Cleopatra. Cleopatra has always been regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful women and word of her stunning looks and beautiful skin and hair. The Egyptian queen’s beauty techniques were so progressive that many of her secrets are still relevant today. Cleopatra used natural beauty products that were readily available 5,000 years ago and they are still relevant today.

Sadly in today’s times the mayor companies just worry about money, sacrificing the quality of the ingredients in their products.

Almost every single herb or flower on the earth has a purpose. Tereza’s Formula have selected the best of those herb and flowers to ensure the best hair and the healthiest scalp.

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