About Me

I’m Tereza and I Care About Your Hair!

I’ve been helping women of all hair types and ethnicities get their best hair since 1998. I began working on hair in my native Dominican Republic, opening my own salon in the United States in 2008. In that 10 years, I noticed something – instead of spending money on drugstore-brand products full of chemicals and fillers, women were using more natural alternatives. Their hair was healthier and stronger.

Women all have one hair care goal in common: To have long and healthy hair.

In my quest to help women improve the look, feel, and quality of their hair, I began studying natural cosmetics formulation. During my studies, I learned about what goes into the products available on the market today, and how they impact the natural quality of different types of hair.

In 2015, I began testing my own formulations of hair care products at home and in my salon. My clients found that their hair looked better, felt better, and behaved better when styled than when they used commercially available products. With the hopes of helping more people, I founded Tereza’s Formulas in 2017, offering my hair care products to the wider public.

All my hair care formulations are packed with as many natural ingredients as possible, containing no parabens or sulfates. Everything is professional-grade, like you’d find in your favorite salon.

Let me help you get the best hair of your life.

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