The Scalp Soother

After many years of extensive visits to the Dermatology Office, just to hear the same answer- “you need a prescription for a medicated shampoo.” I got tired- very tired of trying every single shampoo on the market. Unfortunately, the ingredients in those products are so harsh on my hair that it was always hard as a brick and frizzy like my grandma’s old broom. That’s when I started extensive research on natural herbs that can work effectively, to soothe the scalp and add vitamins to the hair shaft. Mixing different herbs in my kitchen wasn’t enough! I studied Natural Cosmetic Formulation to learn, in-depth, how these herbs work as a remedy. Today, you have on your hands a natural alternative to exfoliate the scalp also nourishes the hair shaft. You will start to feel the difference in your scalp, and see the shine in your hair, wash after wash.

Stop suffering from scalp problems and grab yours today!

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