Keep your hair straight with the power of NATURE!

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 Are you suffering from Frizzy, dry, and damage hair? If the answer is yes, then with have your solution;  Frizzy hair is one of the main problems that women deal with on a daily basis.

our hair is composed out of 90% of a protein named Keratin. with the constantly uses of chemical, heat, and the amount of Sulfate in the shampoos available today the hair looses their natural keratin. After time hair become damage, dry looking, with basically no life. with Smooth ME you will be able to restore the life of your hair, you will see a stoning vibrant hair wash after wash. Keratin, Aloe, Sage, Coconut oil, and Cotton seed oil, are some of the key ingredients in  Smooth ME  they will help you  to restore your hair and rebuild the keratin in it.                                                                      

                           Bring your hair back to life!